Dimitar Iliev grants 112 footballs to the LP FC Academy

Player of the Year 2019 Dimitar Iliev completed his promise to the Bulgarian Association of Sports Journalists by donating footballs to children from the LP FC academy. The event took place today (June 1st) 15:00h at Lauta.

Youngsters from the LP FC Academy received 112 footballs by the brand Uhlsport by Dimitar Iliev. He also wished them tp pursue professional careers and to bring another trophy to Lokomotiv.

Since 2015 (at the 55th edition of the event), the Bulgarian Association of the Sports Journalists appeals to all No.1 winners to personally encourage young football talent. “Let the winner donate as many footballs to academies of his choice, as the number of votes he received” - is the suggestion of the Association.

This year, 112 sports journalists took their right to vote at the 59th edition “Player of the Year”. The event is annually organized by “Daks media”, the Bulgarian association of sports journalist and the Bulgarian Football Union.