This morning in a very upbeat mood due to last night's Player of the Year awards (won by Dimitar Iliev; and Martin Lukov - Keeper of the Year), Lokomotiv Plovdiv's main squad headed to Pomorie. The team under Alexandar Tunchev will continue their winter-break training session by the seaside until January 31. The following testing gmes have been scheduled so far:

23.01 - test vs Beroe (in Stara Zagora)
27.01 - test vs Sozopol
30.01- test vs Chernomorets Burgas
31.01. - test vs Dobrudzha

The following Academy players traveled with the main squad today: Christian Tomov (2002), Petar Petrov (2002), Alexandar Kolev (2002), Sasho Lebanov (2002), Ivan Aramazov (2003), Ivan Mihaylov (2003), Vidol Seymenski (2003) and Ivan Sulev (2006).

The afternoon session took place at the Kableshkovo field. Please, see video below: