Loko defeats Tsarsko selo in a test

Lokomotiv won test game against Tsarsko selo at Arena Tsarsko selo. The black-and-whites scored twice in the first half by Dominique Malonga and Dinis Almeida.


1' Match started
8' Akinyemi and Minchev get in heavy collision; both get back in the game
15' no dangerous goal shootings so far
20' Akinyemi is booked with a yellow after fouling Cordeiro's fast attach on the left
25' GOAL for Lokomotiv; Tomasevic centered the ball to Malonga and he scored a header; Tsarsko selo 0:1 Lokomotiv
36' GOAL for Lokomotiv; Dinis Almeida got into the attacking and scored from a long distance; Tsarsko selo 0:2 Lokomotiv
41' Long-distance shot for the hosts; Lukov saved the goal

50' red card for Aralica (foul to Ivaylo Ivanov). Kenan Muslimovic entered the game
59' Johnie Placid saved Karagaren's shot
70' Mihovil Klapan advanced in attacking; Mihail Ivanov saved in a corner
72' Tsarsko selo missed to score - ball passes above the crossbar
77' Anderson Cordeiro's shot misses the target
90' Match ended; Lokomotiv wins

Line-ups: Martin Lukov (70' Pirgov), Akinsola Akinyemi, Lucas Masoero, Dinis Almeida (61' Nikolaev), Birsent Karagaren (70' Yordan Todorov), Petar Vitanov (55' Klapan), Parviz Umarbaev (55' Salinas), Josip Tomasevic, Dimitar Iliev (77' Petar Petrov), Dominique Malonga (55' Tsvetanov), Ante Aralica (50' Muslimovic)