To the attention of the Bulgarian Football Union

PFC Lokomotiv’s management would like to address to the BFU with the following questions in relation with today’s decisions taken by the Executive Committee at the federation:

  1. Why had the BFU asked clubs to prefer upon a date of resuming the current season and later never counted on their opinions?
  2. As in fact more clubs preferred the Championship to resume on June 12th, why has the BFU insisted for another opening date - June 5th? What could be motives behind this decision?
  3. For the period of 21 days (first week trainings to be held in groups of 4 to 5 players; second week trainings to be held in groups of 10 to 11 players) the team will have to get prepared for the following games - 2 games remaining from the regular stage, 5 play-off matches, 2 Cup semi-finals and eventually a Cup final. Would this period be sufficient enough for preparation?

PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv Management